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We know it’s hard to balance running your business all while satisfying your customers’ needs, training employees, spending time with your family, and all of the other activities that demand your time. All too often, this means your social media strategy will fall to the back burner.

Our Atlanta social media marketers, strategists, analysts, and planners help your company develop strong brand awareness, grow your online presence, and create engaging content that centers your company as a leading provider in your respected industry. 

Top reasons you will love using social media marketing are:

  •   Increasing referral traffic to your website
  •   Earning more meaningful business
  •   Building up an audience who knows, likes, & trusts you
  •   Improving local awareness online
  •   Generating more reviews for your business
  •   Establishing a strong brand presence

We take your vision for your social media strategy and turn it into a tangible social media plan. As your partner, we won’t just stop there. We will provide continuous support, consult with you about what can be improved, and celebrate each milestone together. 

Your vision, our mission.

Our Social Media Strategy Planning Process

Our social media strategy process is smooth, comprehensive, and built with your brand’s growth in mind. We have created a six-step process to bring your Atlanta-based business more traffic to all of your social media channels.

Discovery & Goal Setting

During our first consultation, we create a partnership built on understanding and trust. We take the time to understand your current situation, what your ultimate goals are, your ideal audience, & how we can be the best of value to you.

Advanced Audit

Our social media specialists analyze your social media channels, content strategy, online reputation, and test audience engagement. This helps us gain an understanding of where you currently and how we can help your brand improve overall.

We want to see what's working & what's not.

Market & Competitor Research

We perform a comprehensive analysis to gain insight on how to take your brand’s competitive edge and utilize this in our social media strategies moving forward.

While analyzing your competitors, we are also digging deeper into your ideal audience by determining their behaviors, interests, likeability, geo-graphics, etc.

Channel Identification

Each social media channel has its own respective tonality suited for particular types of content, conversations, intent, and expectations associated with it.

We want to execute all of our time and energy into the platforms that are going to yield the highest return on your investment.

Build a Content Strategy

Now that we really know your vision, brand, target audience, and market, the building begins.

This revolves around an editorial calendar filled with content that will differentiate your business far from competitors. We create, schedule, & revise your social media content; articles, short videos, graphics, long-form posts, etc.

Effectively Implement

Combining what we have discovered in our extensive research with your solid social media strategy, we can confidently kick-off!

Our social media managers will be reviewing your channels, content, posting times, etc. to ensure everything is going as coordinated.

Community Management

Our community managers will handle lead nurturing, DM & comment replies, reputation mangement, and will be actively growing your social media engagement.

With this online social PR, you will enstill a sense of nobility into customers who are checking your reviews and determining whether they will do business with you.

Revise & Optimize

Throughout our campaign, we take the time to stop and reflect on the overall progress to see where are strengths & weaknesses are.

We constantly look for new ways to improve, cut what's not working, and decide if content needs to be repurposed or strengthened.

Performance Reporting

The performance report includes a breakdown of the campaign's metrics, goal tracking, objective measuring, and suggested ways to improve.

This is typically done at the end of our campaign's cycle.

Can We Help Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Does Social Media Marketing Work for Small Businesses?

Social media marketing is definitely not a one size fits all solution. In order for social media marketing to work for you, your content for all social media campaigns should be tailored according to your target audience’s demands in a style that matches your preferred social networks. But even more importantly, it should be posted in a proper way and at the right time so that you can reach your ideal customers.

We make sure the content we create for our clients is high-quality and original. Keeping in mind that it reflects your brand identity all the while informing, entertaining, and making a lasting impression on your fans and followers.

Our social media marketing process goes beyond mapping out raw data such as shares, likes, tweets, comments, and reach. It starts with monitoring and listening to what people are saying about your business, shifts in perception, and brand sentiment.

We adjust our set of social data and analytics with the client’s objectives to suggest the best strategies for your brand. Success in SMM is more than an improved number of your Facebook page likes or Twitter followers. Getting results demands thorough and dedicated work on nurturing the audience in order to make it stronger, larger, and more engaged with your brand.

That is why our Atlanta social media marketers have a deeper knowledge of our clients’ businesses and become their brand ambassadors across the social channels where our clients can best connect with their target audience.

What Our Atlanta Social Media Marketing Experts Do

Still Unsure if Social Media Marketing is Right for You? FAQ's

Should I Be on Every Social Media Channel?

No, you do not need to be on every social media channel. It can be a lot to manage, plus, if your target audience is not active on a certain channel, then you will be wasting a lot of time trying to engage an audience that isn’t paying attention. Be strategic on the social media channels your brand chooses to use and then create a great strategy, that works, for those channels.

Is It Important for My Handles to Be Consistent?

Yes, absolutely. Brand consistency is KEY, and having consistent handles will be easier to promote your company across channels, and having consistent handles makes it easier for your audience to tag and engage with your brand on social media.

How Do I Naturally Increase Followers for My Business?

Increase your followers by creating the content your audience expects, and wants, to follow and engage with. It is important to create content that captures your audience’s attention and that will bring meaningful traffic to your social media channels. Remember – it is better to have a slightly lower count of heavily engaged followers than a higher amount of followers with basically no engagement.

Should I Follow an Editorial Post Calendar or Post When I Feel Like it?

Yes, your brand definitely needs an editorial calendar. Having an editorial calendar can help you plan and manage your strategy and evaluate if your content strategy is working or not. By planning ahead, you will create the type of content your followers expect to see instead of risking low engagement for thoughts that randomly pop into your head.

What is the Best Type of Content to Post?

The type of content your brand posts depends on the type of industry you are in, but there is always one golden social media rule across all industries – post what your audience wants to interact with. Who is your ideal customer and what would they like to see on their feed from their favorite brands? Take this and create content around your personified ideal customer.

How Frequently Should I Post on Social Media?

Posting on social media should always be centered around quality vs quantity. It depends on your brand, resources, and industry for an exact number of posts per week, so the sweet spot for posting will take some trial and error to find out. Always remember – you can generate posts by sharing copy from your websites, such as blog posts and case studies. If these are not updated, research the newest industry trends, update your content, and post among your channels.

What is the Best Time for You to Post on Social Media?

It will really depend on which networks you use and the time of day when your audience is most active on your selected social media channels. To find the best time will take some time and performing analytics to test post engagement, but we got you covered.