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Tired of constantly trying to improve your website’s SEO? Still can’t make it on the first page of Google? With Google Ads, you will always have your position saved at the top of the search results. The best thing is – you only pay when someone clicks on the ad. 

Our Atlanta PPC specialists research, plan, and implement strategies for Google Ads to effectively attract a warm audience towards your intended product and/or service.

Not only do we provide PPC services to you, but we also consult with you as a partner on how to continuously scale your campaigns and provide constant suggestions on how we can improve.

Acquire New Customers Through Google Ads

We will research, plan, and execute a strong PPC strategy that is intended to put your products and services in front of the right people. With Google Ads (PPC) on Google’s search network, your small business will always have a position secured at the top of the search results. The best thing is – you won’t pay a dime until someone clicks on your ad!

The most convenient part of running PPC ads is that your impressions are free and your company will pay absolutely nothing until someone of interest clicks on your ad.

Is PPC right for you? If your business can benefit from:

  •   Targeting hyper-specific audiences down to zip code, website visitors, in-market shoppers, & so forth
  •   Getting ahead of the competition in a local area that is very competitive from an    organic & local SEO standpoint
  •   Ranking for intent keywords and even your competitors brand names
  •   Generating leads looking for your service
  •   Getting immediate results

Then the answer is YES!

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Search & Shopping Campaigns

Show your ads to eager Google searchers who are looking for immediate solutions to their problem.

Display Campaigns

Follow your website visitors everywhere they go, and keep your brand in front of their mind. Google Display ads is the perfect retargeting solution!

Video Campaigns

Run YouTube ads based on Google search queries from users who have shown an intent to purchase your products or service.

Need a PPC Strategy for Your Business?

Our Atlanta PPC Services Include:

Comprehensive Keyword Research

The beginning to any great PPC strategy is to start with keyword research, and lucky for your business, we love keyword research! We will find the best keywords to utilize in your Google Ad campaign to ensure your business is always ranking at the top spot of relevant search engine result pages.

Display Ad Design

We want to create the best first impression for your brand, and we know that the design of your ads will play a huge role in what a potential customer thinks before they click on your ad. Our team of designers will utilize key design principles to produce high-performing display ads.

Cost Per Click Optimization

We will help your business engineer a strong PPC campaign through cost per click optimization. We will start with defining the campaigns we want to run, followed by generating ad groups for each of your products/services, then optimizing each promotional message we want to run for each ad.

Conversion Tracking

We would never run a Google Adword campaign and not follow-up with conversion tracking. Together, we will brainstorm and implement the conversions you want to track with your Google Ad campaign. Whether you want to track who purchased your product, subscribed to your newsletter, or called your business, we will constantly track the conversions to monitor the success of your campaign.

PPC Search Strategy

After we have defined your campaigns and ad groups, we will begin to plan your PPC search strategy. We will analyze the keywords we have generated for each ad group, write effective ad copy, and ensure each PPC landing page is 100% optimized for high conversions.

Ad Copywriting

We pride ourself on creating strong copy, and your adword copy will be no different. Our copywriters will write ad copy that is differentiated from competitors, enticing to your audience, and is 100% on brand. We don’t want to just write a product description, we want to intrigue and sell your products/services!

Retargeting Campaigns

We know that most people who visit your website for the first time are not ready to buy, so we ensure that retargeting these visitors to return and purchase at a later date is built into your PPC strategy. We will generate ads that keep your brand on the mind of your potential customers until they return and buy.

Competitor Analysis

In order to better understand what keywords to bid for, we always perform a competitive analysis to understand where your competition is placed amongst paid listings, where they are ranking for paid ads, and what keywords they are using. Then, we strategize and beat the competition.

Audience Segmentation

We will learn who is your buyer persona for each product or service your business produces, understand the target audience, and create a PPC strategy to target your desired audience. Not sure who your target audience would be for your ads? Don’t worry, our PPC specialists can help you understand how to segment your audience to generate the best ads for potential customers.

Bidding Management

We help your business create the best bidding strategy that will work within your set ad budget and will turn results.We look at your type of business and select the best bidding option for you, and will continue to manage your Adword campaign to ensure your business consistently has a high ROI.

Performance Reporting

We can’t wait to show you how successful your Google Ad campaign is! And we will provide you business with consistent performance reporting so that we can provide you with tangible results to demonstrate what is working, and what needs to be adjusted to receive continuously positive results.

PPC Campaign Building & Optimization

Once we understand your PPC goals, and analyze your previous Google Ad campaigns, we can completely take over and build a fully optimized PPC campaign for you. Together, we will create short and long term goals for your PPC strategy, implement, monitor, and celebrate the victories together!

Is PPC Right For You? FAQs

Are Google Ads worth it for a small business?

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How much does PPC cost?

The cost of PPC really depends on what keywords you are competing for, but remember that any company can budget for PPC.

Google Ads are based on an auction system, and Google rewards companies with the highest quality content a better placement on result pages.

The average cost per click will depend greatly on your industry, market competition, and targeted keywords. The most expensive keywords on Google can cost up to $54.

The average spend per month by our small business clients is between between $2,000 to $30,000. Even if you do not have that type of capital, your small business can set a budget that is within reason and launch a Google Ads campaign!

Should I Use Google Ads or SEO?

This depends on your current position. There are important questions that need to be asked to determine this!

Google Ads are best for small businesses who currently are receiving no organic traffic or are in such a competitive market, such as real estate, insurance, etc. that it would be very hard to rank for SEO.

SEO would be perfect for a small business that operates locally, is already being found through Google, and has had a website for a reasonable amount of time.

How effective is Google Ads?

The great thing about running Google Ad campaigns is that your business can see a measurable ROI, which makes it easy to see which keywords are worth bidding, if your strategy is working, and what can be changed. Why so many people have benefited from adding Google Ad campaigns to their marketing strategy is because Google Ads are flexible, faster to appear on SERPs than SEO, easier than SEO, they are scalable, and help you stay in the competition because it is highly likely that your competitor is running Google Ads.