Client: Pam Didner

Category: WordPress Web Design

Services Offered: Custom WordPress Development | Plugin Development | Speed Optimization | On-page SEO 

The goal of this custom web development was to optimize Pam’s website to increase conversions and provide a user experience-oriented web design.

Additionally, Pam wanted her website to follow her branding guidelines and be cohesive throughout the site.

Pam Didner's marketing consultant web design

Web Design Features

High-Converting Landing Page

We emphasized on many design elements - the contrast of colors, amount of negative white space, cohesive page layout, etc.

Mixed with effective call-to-actions and concise copywriting, we were able to create a high-converting landing page.

UX/UI Inner Page Design

While designing the inner pages, we heavily took into consideration the look, feel, and interactivity that users would experience while navigating through the website.

Service Page Design

Each service page was designed with a free-flowing layout that effectively conveyed the information and included values of Pam Didner's services.
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Advanced Custom Search Feature

In a time of instant gratification, website visitors do not want to dig through years of content just to find the topic they are looking for.

With an advanced custom search feature, we are able to retrieve instant search results for users based on their query.

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Custom Webinars Functionality

Webinars can be easily scheduled in the back-end with dates, times, full descriptions, and link to registration. This can all be seen on the interactive webinars page.

Once the date passes, the webinars automatically transition to the past webinars section.

View Webinar Page Here

Mobile Friendly Optimization

Since most users are now visiting your website on their mobile phones and that mobile-friendliness is a top SEO ranking factor, we ensured that the website was optimized for cross-device usability

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